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Welcome to your Premier Martial Arts Experience


Before you get started, take a moment to consider some of the more valuable aspects of being a martial arts student. Is it learning self defense? Gaining confidence and discipline through structured martial arts classes lead by a qualified, Firm yet supportive & encouraging instructor? Perhaps enhancing one’s well-being and engaging in healthy habits?

At the institute for martial arts, consider that the answer relates to a community that compliments and supports values taught at home. A positive environment that fosters self-awareness, social skills, and confidence. A place where students learn the value & see the results of hard work and learn how to make good choices. A place where all these benefits are generated organically through supportive & patient instruction from a mentor whom genuinely appreciates teaching!

When searching for an exceptional teacher for your child, you want someone that will consistently go above and beyond for your family, just like you do,

This is the standard at the institute for martial arts.

This is our commitment to the success of our students.

This is what makes the Institute for martial arts a notch (or two) above the rest.


What is ‘character’?  Classically defined, character is: ‘moral excellence and firmness’, or referring to ‘... mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person …’ Some institutions, martial arts or otherwise, can complacently neglect the measure of their students.  Some foster aggression, poor sportsmanship and weak character.  The Institute for Martial Arts focuses on nurturing today’s youth through confidence, respect for self & others and assertiveness (and not aggression).  physical, emotional & mental well being help develop character in our students.   - Sensei Smetak

You deserve an instructor whose commitment to your kids rivals your own.


At IMA, our mission is to provide the tools and information our students need to succeed, even beyond karate. Our Teaching philosophy is that students are important, each of us learns differently, and that we all need something unique to become our best. With that in mind, our goal is to find what works for you, teach to ability and provide that support with respect and professionalism.


martial arts is one of the finest activities for kids and adults alike. would you like to see your children improve their focus, discipline, fitness, and confidence? Motivated to try classes for yourself? as a dedicated institution, we are equally excited to be a part of that journey! Click the link below to submit a free trial request and one of our instructors will reach out to you to schedule your first lesson.